Thursday, November 11, 2010

The largest embezzlement in Indian history

With reference to the 2G spectrum misappropriation discussed in previous post(s), the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) in its report to Mrs. President, submitted on Nov. 10, has indicted Mr. A. Raja (still a Telecom Minister) causing the grave loss of ` 140, 000 crore or $33 billion to the Indian Govt.

Mr. Raja has deliberately altered the rules and regulations to benefit the mobile service operators (sic). As informed in previous posts, 9 firms were issued licences, bundled with start up of 2G spectrum, in January 2008 at Rs 1,658 crore for pan-India operations.

The Telecom Ministry is still vindicating Mr. Raja with the clarification that he followed 1999 Rules for disbursing spectrum. How could anyone (I'd rather restrain myself from using any vulgar term here) still justify the disbursement with such an idiotic explanation ?

The UPA govt., after being extremely successful on foreign policy, has largely failed at the implementation of the various schemes (MNREGA, Mid-day Meal) and handling of its supporting parties.

Mr. Raja, after the exposing of 2G spectrum misappropriation, is still enjoying the privileges as a Minister. Is it not the failure of govt or we should think of it as a lack of articulation skills of Mr. Prime Minister?
Where's the so-called Youth Leader of the govt., is he short of ideas or cannot accept the mistakes of his govt. or he's still not able to understand the exposé ?
He alleges Bihar govt of misusing of Central funds but when Nitish Kumar challenges him for a live debate, he replies nothing.
Is this how, the youth of India is going to transform the country ? It is disheartening to see the Gandhians ruling the country for more than a century and there isn't a leader who can lead the country.

Why does Mr. R. Gandhi went dumb in front of the media? Has he not gained sufficient understanding of the country even after passing 40 years ?

There's no one to answer it yet, and i look hopefully at Baba Ramdev. ;)