Monday, June 21, 2010

Germany auctions 4G

After the fill-up of coffers, thanks to 3G & WBA auctions in India which would reduce the fiscal deficit from 5.5 to 5% , we'll have private players fighting for a new &interesting tariff war from next year beginning, in the meantime, Germany has recently auctioned its 4G spectrum in 224 rounds of bidding for over 6 weeks and become the 1st European country to do so.

Although the auction's total revenue of nearly 4.4 billion euros was a welcome windfall for German state coffers, it fell far short of the 50 billion euros generated from the sale of 3G frequencies in 2000. (Remember , India fetch  $15.4 Bn from 3G auctions )

It is interesting to see here that ,close to DSL speed auctioning (3G), fetched 12 times a decade ago. This can be attributed to factors, most importantly, to the technology neutral market in mobile communications in developed countries in Europe .
Also, the revenue on investment isn't as alluring as it was a decade ago, infact only 4 existing operators purchased the spectrum with Vodafone spent 1.42 Bn Euros,Telefonica's O2 1.38 billion euros, Deutsche Telekom 1.3 billion euros and Royal KPN's E-Plus 283.6 million euros.
Also, newer regulations such as operators must first build networks that cover 90 percent of the population in villages with a population of not more than 5,000 inhabitants.

Its interesting to see how events get unfolded in India in the next decade.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

National (India) Frequency Allocation Table

While strolling through the Internet, i stumbled upon Wireless Planning & Co-ordination Wing of Deptt of Telecommunication, Govt of India.

It contains an exhaustive allocation of radio & other spectrum in the country as effective from 2002.
I suppose, it could benefit any of the stroller here.

here is the link .

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Promising a bettter tomorrow: Infosys 2009-10 Annual Report

Until now, I was bewildered at how does Indian Companies particularly IT giants recovered so rapidly from recession period apart from looking at number of surveys highlighting hiring spree, clientele, etcetra but i never trusted the sources.

I was eagerly waiting for the official document by some IT company & when world's largest postal service Indian Post delivered Annual Report Infosys 2009-10, a optimistic smile prevailed through, as i unpack the 100% recycled report, looking at its front cover of the cover featuring a blue background on 2/3rd part & white clouds concentrated on right bottom corner with the title saying  "Building Tomorrow's Enterprise" .

While grabbing the last year's report from the dust-filled Kota-stone made rack, i can feel the big difference of IT giant in the Post recession period from the very first look.

Last year's report front cover was totally white with some statistics about the company in the right half of the cover & the title was ostensibly, "Enhancing Trust" .

Well, its not good to judge Book by its cover but you can ostensibly perceive the mood of official documents.

The company net profit after tax dipped by Rs 16 cr to 5803 cr.

I hadn't yet read the report yet but i can feel the difference & my conviction that the Indian IT market is lethal by global ups & downs has been apparently proved wrong.

I'll post next (a) few reads on the same topic. Your comments are invaluable to me.