Sunday, April 4, 2010

A brief sneak into power consumption of my PC

A study of power consumption of my PC which consists primarily of the following parts -->

a) LG W1942S 19-inch Widescreen LCD monitor --> 36 W (max)
( Verification --> )

b) Dual Core CPU 1.8 Ghz ---> 75W apprx

Compare processor consumption here,1750-9.html )
( )

c) Intel® 945GC Express Chipset
--> 22 W

A motley of devices in PC consumes about 175-200W/hr amounting to
1 unit power consumption for 5 hours
or, 4.8 units for 24 hrs

Just have a thought how much your bill could be if you use your PC 12 hr/day
when 1 unit equals Rs.5

A close to Rs.350 a month.

With the above facts, you can made a plan & consume less electricity from now & hence contributing towards greener planet.

Check out yours or planet k bare me na socho to apne pese hi bacha lo.