Monday, March 8, 2010

India again failed to prove their mettle

Although stadium was not jam packed but the delhites witnessed some terrific game of hockey with their home team vying for 7th-8th position, this was a match with real ups & downs and a good demonstration of modern hockey by both the teams but left SA in despair with match drawn as 3-3 and they will face-off with last team of Pool 'A' for 9-10th position.

Both teams made an attacking start but due to defender,Bharat Chikara's blunder to trap the ball while running towards penalty circle & Lloyd Norris-Jones put the visitors ahead, before the Indians raised the tempo with strikes by recently substituted Sarwanjeet Singh in 17th min . India failed to trap the ball during penalty corner, both by Shivender Singh in 11th and 21th minute, and thus squandered.
But Diwakar Ram pushed the ball in 24' from the 70 deg to the left of top of the circle and thus doubled the lead.
The score remains constant for the rest of the half.

Second half turned more pacy when 3rd minute goal by Ross levelled the game. The match will be memorized due to contoversial video referral by the referees, the SA made attack inside India's circle but ball touched Vikram's hands and captured by indians to made a goal in counter-attack. The other half umpire signed it as legitimate goal but SA players made a referral for the hands touch in india's half after a considerable amount of time.
Since, video referral system didn't made clear distinction for the amount of time after which appeal can be made,the referee refers it to 3rd umpire and discards the goal & hence gave SA penalty corner .
SA didn't waste it and took the lead in 11' .
Prabhjot failed to left his mark, instead played disastrously, and once again waste the opportunityto equalize.
India made desperate attempt to equalize with some controversies being downturned by  video referrals, left players infuriated.
But India got the chance and Shivender pushed inside the goal in second attempt from the close range and hence earning important 1 point for the host as they will play with the 4th best team in Pool A for the 7-8th position.

Ind and SA share same points but India is ahead due to better goal difference.Pakistan remains at bottom , spain acquiring 3rd spot and Aus on top with England below it.

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