Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 2: Germany splits points against South Koreans

In the second encounter of the day, world no. 1 Germany just managed to split points with the top Asian team, South Koreans.
Koreans stunned Germans with their superb reverse strokes & some great moves in the first half of the match.
Hyun Hye-sung put the fast Koreans 1-0 up through a penalty corner in the third minute and
Nam Yong Lee scored in the 14th minute with the exquisite reverse stroke from the top of the goal semi-circle to score from the 1 feet space between goal-post & keeper, which left German goal keeper,Welhon in sprain.

In the very next minute, another goal restricted to Koreans by the electronic save by German keeper,who seem to be in right position.

Koreans demonstrated some really brilliant hockey & made remarkable moves which left less experienced German side in hurry who squandered five penalty corners in the first half.

Max Mueller boys made flurry of attacks from the very start of 2nd half but all efforts went in vain by leopord Koreans .
German non-sporadic efforts yield in the 50th minute as Fuchs scored an opportunistic goal with sliding deflection of the ball from the middle of the goal area. Koreans video referral went in vain as TV Umpire adjudged it as non-dangerous.

Benjamin Wess scored the equaliser in 57 minute from the rebound of the penalty corner.
Although Korean forwards didn't capitalise on some good moves & Koreans haplessly drew the match.

In the first encounter of Pool A,Veteran Ryan Archibald scored a stunning field goal with four minutes left to give New Zealand a dramatic victory over Canada after trailing 2-1 at half time.

Netherlands lands 3-0 defeat  to Argentina.

Here's the list of World Men's Hockey Rankings as on 14 Dec. '09

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